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Solving problems through amazing software experiences, mixing human and machine intelligence.

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Our team

Here at Kaipler we have a flexible work environment that makes possible focusing on what really matters - building amazing things! We believe that having enough room for creative thinking is what makes people give their best.

Danilo Santos Team Member Photo

Danilo Santos "The Insanely Curious"

Compulsive reader, design lover, fascinated by ideas, science and tech. He's been secretly developing a math model to explain the crazy minds working with him.

Mauricio Roberto Cruz Team Member Photo

Mauricio R. Cruz "The Gamer"

Frontend/Backend developer that talks way too fast sometimes. His real role, however, is to turn his co-workers into hardcore underground gamers.

Claiton Lovato Team Member Photo

Claiton Lovato"The Full-Stack Lego Builder"

Creates Lego things with his bare hands as a break from the digital world. Legends says that he assembled huge Lego sets while just listening to Danilo stories (yes, he can talk).

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